Meldrim Baptist Church

Love your neighbor from a safe distance...

For those wishing to wear masks...

... there are pew benches marked specifically for you.

For Families & Close Friends...

 ,,, that don't wish to wear a mask. There are pew benches specifically marked for you.

Sanitizing Station

Located inside by the entrance to the main building is a table with masks, a hand pump sanitizer and tissues for your individual use.


At MBC we're taking precautions as we return to in-person gatherings. Our seating arrangements have been set up with signage to offer individuals, families and close groups of friends a safe and comfortable place to worship and fellowship. We request each person practice social distancing per CDC guidelines.
Sanitizing Stations have been set up at the entrance to the main building, and in our fellowship hall. You will find masks, hand-sanitizer pumps, and tissue boxes for your individual use.
We're asking, but not mandating that you please wear a mask for interpersonal interaction for the time being. If you don't have a mask please pick one up at a Sanitizing Station.
All these precautions are designed in consideration for those who are most at risk during this unprecedented time. As time goes on precautions will be lifting. A time will come Lord willing when the country once again will be pandemic free. 

Jesus said that there would be no stopping the building of His church and we join Him as He leads us to be wise and graceful for such a time as this. Thank you for standing with MBC.