Meldrim Baptist Church

Come As You Are


Come As You Are is a weekly mixed Bible study group that faithfully meets every Thursday at 10 am in the Fellowship Hall building. They enjoy fellowship, a cup of coffee (or more), while a scripture passage is read and followed by a discussion on how to apply the truth of God's word in our everyday life experiences.

Join the Thursday Bible Study from HOME on our Bible Study Conference Line.

You can join us "LIVE" for the COME AS YOU ARE bible study by using your cell phone or home phone.  
Instructions for joining the conference call line.
Step 1. Dial the conference main line number (712) 432-3900

Step 2. When prompted too, dial the conference ID number and # keys 287874 #
The conference will begin in Conversation Mode (all participants will be able to hear and talk).
The following KEYS are provided for you to mute , unmute, increase your listening volume and decrease it and more...
Option KEYS: Remember to press the star * key before the number.
Press * 1 to Mute your phone
Press * 1 again to unmute your phone
Press * 5 to increase your hearing volume
Press * 6 to decrease your hearing volume
Press * 9 to increase your speaking volume
Press * 7 to decrease your speaking volume
Press   # to exit the conference call

Remember to announce you've joined the conference call,  i.e."Hey this is Joe and I'm here"

Remember to place your phone on mute after announcing your in. Be ready to unmute by pressing *1 if someone asks you a question. 

Anything new takes practice, and we're all learning together.